Sponsor a Chair for the 40th Anniversary

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WOW! Thank you to the 39 families who have committed to sponsoring 123 chairs. An additional 44 chairs are already sponsored by the building fund money the congregation set aside in 2016 and 2017. That means we only need 83 more chairs sponsored to meet our goal of 250 chairs! Now's the time for you to be able to remember people in your past who have helped to shape your faith by purchasing a chair in their honor or memory. We will be putting together a booklet for the 40th anniversary service with the stories of how these people have impacted our lives as we give thanks for them and dedicate the chairs to the glory of God.

Replacing our over 30 year old sanctuary chairs is a way to prepare for the future of Abiding Presence as we ensure that there will be a seat for each person who comes to worship God and celebrate life milestones. 

Commitments for chairs can be made through the end of March with donations received by May 14. 

Sponsor a Chair

Meredith Keseley