Participate in Worship in a New Way!


Worship.  What images does that word bring to mind for you?  What words, what associations? 

Some of us may think about our favorite part of worship: the music, receiving communion, the prayers, or maybe, just maybe, even the sermon sometimes!

How do you see yourself, your purpose, your role in worship?  Is worship something we attend, like a concert or a play? Or is it something more?

Liturgy, the fancy word for worship, is a Greek word that means “the work of the people,” or “public service.”  Worship is not a passive activity but a gathering in which we all participate, we all have a role, whether it’s as a greeter, an usher, singing in the pews or up front, playing an instrument, lighting the candles, washing the communion ware or reading scripture. 

This fall, we will have a new opportunity for you to participate in worship at Abiding Presence.  I invite you to consider becoming one of our Assisting Ministers. Each Sunday service, one assisting minister will lead a few prayers, the Apostle’s Creed and will assist with communion. Our goal is to have enough assisting ministers that they would serve about 5 Sundays a year.

As Lutherans, we often speak of the priesthood of all believers, that we are all called to be part of God’s ministry: the hands and feet of God in the world.  Having assisting ministers will be a chance for us to visibly model in our service how we are all called, not just the pastors, to pray, proclaim our faith and serve God and others in our daily lives. 

Please prayerfully consider trying it out and contact Pastor Heidi if you’re interested or have any questions!


Pastor Heidi