Making Firm the Foundation

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As we look ahead to 2019, our theme is Making Firm the Foundation. This week, we’re taking a look at "Making Firm the Foundation of our Worship Life.”

Making Firm the Foundation of our Worship Life

Exceptional worship is a core value of the Abiding Presence faith community. Everything we do as a faith community flows out of our weekly worship services.  

 We feel called to continue building and growing our three existing weekly services by:
·       Increasing our average worship attendance to 290 people each week
·       Increasing the number of people involved in worship leadership, with special care given to involve families and provide opportunities for older children and youth to serve alongside a mentor
·       Discerning the possibility of a 4th weekly worship service

 More than just cultivating our own worship life, though, we hear God calling us to support other churches as they seek to cultivate their worship life by:
·       Embracing our identity as a teaching church that was formed as an internship congregation
·       Sharing sermon series ideas and some of our contemporary worship resources with other congregations through our website
·       Exploring how we might support the work of the larger church through teaching/mentoring opportunities for seminarians, clergy and other churches

In our fast-paced world, we hear the call this year to offer people the space to experience Sabbath rest by:
·       Adding a quarterly contemplative adult worship service

Our family first joined AP in the Fall of 2012 and had the joy of participating in choirs, youth groups and musicals during our 3-year Army posting to the NGA on North Fort Belvoir. To say that we have been counting down to our return to AP following a 3-year posting to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, would not be an exaggeration. We have had the joy of participating in many different congregations throughout various moves and have loved many of them, both Catholic and Lutheran, but none have meant so much to our family as a whole as Abiding Presence.
-       Kimberly

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Meredith Keseley