"We are Called"

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In the life of the church, we’ve moved into the season of Epiphany between early January and mid-February! This is the season to which Pastor Keseley looks forward all year long as she loves preaching the gospel texts that are assigned for these weeks after Christmas has ended and before Lent begins. We hear the stories of the beginning of Jesus’ ministry – the calling of disciples, the first miracles and the building excitement of the crowds who start forming wherever he goes. It’s the time of year when we focus on what it means to be called as disciples of Christ today. Each and every year, the season of Epiphany is an opportunity to be led into a time of discerning what God is up to in our lives. 

Come join us for worship this Epiphany season as we are inspired and equipped to live out our calling as children of God.

January 14 - John 1:43-51
January 21 - Mark 1:14-20
January 28 - Mark 1:21-28
February 4 - Mark 1:29-39


Meredith Keseley