What gives you life?

What gives you life? I spent two days this past week at a training event for pastors and other church leaders. At the beginning of our time together we did the usual introductions and had to answer this question, "What gives you life?"

Honestly, I had to think about it for a moment. After all, it's not the kind of thing I wake up in the morning thinking about as I'm rushing to get kids ready for school, me ready for work and running through the multiple "to do" lists that are in my head in any given moment. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized what a good question it is.
So, what gives you life? What excites you about what you are doing right now? What brings a smile to your face? What's the passion you have that gets the wheels turning in your head?220px-Duccio_di_Buoninsegna_036.jpg

I invite you to think about these questions this week, especially as we dig into another story from the gospels of Jesus calling his first disciples. Once again, just like last week, we'll hear about more would be followers of Christ who walk away from everything to answer his invitation to "follow me." There must have been something about Jesus and/or the way that he invited them to come along with him that suggested this was going to be an experience that would give them life.

Just in case you are wondering, my answer to the question was YOU! What gives me life is being your pastor, sharing in ministry alongside you and seeing the amazing things God is doing in and through this congregation. This weekend we'll begin holding cafe sessions in preparation for the annual meeting and I hope you will join me at one of them to share in the life giving excitement of what God is doing here.

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Pastor Keseley