The Spirit of God

Pentecost_The_Church_Window 292.jpgIn the 2nd chapter of the book of Acts, we hear the story of the first Pentecost when the Spirit of God descended on Jesus' followers, filling them with God's own breath and giving them the ability to speak in other languages. Why, you might wonder, did they start speaking in other tongues? Because God needed a way for the good news of Jesus Christ to spread to all the ends of the earth.

Pentecost is a day of celebration, one of the great festivals in the church year. Traditionally, it is the day we celebrate Affirmation of Baptism at Abiding Presence. Our young people will stand up to publicly profess their faith and affirm the promises their parents once made for them to live in the covenant of baptism. They will take ownership of their faith, claiming the faith in which they were raised for themselves.

On this Pentecost, we give thanks for the ways the Holy Spirit is alive and stirring in our midst. Today, God continues to fill God's children with God's own breath, sending us out into the world to spread the news of God's love manifest in Jesus Christ to all the ends of the earth. May the Holy Spirit dwell in you and send you out to share the good news.

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Pastor Keseley