Making a list, checking it twice

How are you getting ready for the holidays? Maybe you are trimming trees, hanging stockings and putting up lights to make your home look festive and bright. Some, like Santa Claus, could be "making a list, checking it twice..." to get ready for holiday shopping. Most of us probably have wrapping to be done, menus to be planned, travel arrangements to be made and a whole host of other things on our to do lists this time of year. Throw in a holiday party or two and the month of December can feel like one of the busiest times of the

In the midst of all of this, encouraging you to do one more thing might sound a bit nuts. But, I'm going to. If you do not have one already, I invite you to pick up one of our Advent Family Devotionals and begin using it. There is a weekly reflection with scripture and a prayer that can be used when lighting your advent log/wreath. The devotional book includes a daily advent calendar of activities to do each day to get your heart ready for Christmas. It also has a color your own nativity set in which you add a piece each week.

Our family started using ours the first week of advent. I'll admit it probably wasn't much of a "Kodak moment." Nadia glared the whole time, as she was tired and ready for bed, while Julia decided to be "funny" in her answers to the reflection questions while giggling her head off. But, we gave it a try - lighting our candle, reading our scripture, and saying our prayer.

Don't wait for the picture perfect moment to give family advent devotions a try in your house. Grab whatever family members happen to be hanging around in that moment and just do it. Prepare your hearts, grow in faith and make a new family tradition.

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Pastor Keseley