A guide through the wilderness

Last week in my sermon I shared with you the concluding words from Common Prayer, the daily devotional I'm starting the year off using:

May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you: wherever he may send you;forest-438432_220.jpg
may he guide you through the wilderness: protect you through the storm;
may he bring you home rejoicing: at the wonders he has shown you;
may he bring you home rejoicing: once again into our doors.

From now through the end of February we will be in the church season of Epiphany. Over the course of these weeks, we will hear stories from the beginning of Jesus' ministry - his calling of the disciples, first miracles and first sermons preached to his followers and to the crowds. We'll hear that Jesus never really stays in one place for very long. He's always on the move!

As modern day followers of Christ we, too, are always on the move. God sends us out into the world in both the most ordinary and extraordinary of ways. As you go out to do God's work, whatever that work may be, my prayer for you is that God will guide you, protect you, give you reasons for rejoicing and bring you home each week into the doors of our faith family.

No matter what the week holds - the good, the bad, the joyful, the challenging, the sorrow, the excitement - you can rest assured that come Sunday (or, for some of you, Saturday) the faith family of Abiding Presence will be gathering and we want you to be part of it. Through our worship we are forgiven, strengthened and fed in preparation to be sent out. As Jesus will invite us in this week's gospel text, "Come and see!"

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Pastor Keseley